Not dead... just absent

Well, I've realized how long it's been since my last entry, and how much have happened since then.

For one thing, I've moved to a new city again and expect to soon be moving yet again. Yeah. Got a job in Esbjerg (Western Jutland), but it's a temporary position filing in for a woman on maternity leave. At least I got nine months, so that's something. :)
I had grown really tired and frustrated during my job hunt and always being second choice, so this was great. (And yeah, I was also second choice for this position, but when someone else changed positions this got opened up and they called me). I've now been here for six months, so got another three on my contract.
I'm actively searching for another job and sending out applications again. Took a break from them after I got employed here, and with the move and everything, but know I have to be serious about this; I was on the hunt for almost 1½ years last time, and I really can't afford that again. (I really can't; my apartment is too expensive for 'day money' (Danish support insurance if you get unemployed) so I can only stay here without a job for so long).

But Esbjerg has been great. I wasn't thrilled about starting over in a new city yet again nor am I thrilled knowing I'll likely soon be doing that one more time, but that is just the way things are for me right now, and I have to accept that.
But it does have its advantages. I started my work staying in the guestroom of an old study mate for the first three weeks until I got my own place, and we had a great time together. :) I was pleasantly surprised by Helle's offer to stay with her, but our personalities work well together and we reconnected after not talking much since university. Now we go see movies together and plan a Marvel marathon. (And she's gotten me to join her reading circle, which is fantasy only).
I've also started in a good taekwondo club only about 2.5 km from where I live, so I bike there.
I also try to motivate myself to bike to work, but I bought a used car in spring (my brother's old one), which has had the effect that I've gotten rather lazy on that front. My bike used to be my transportation, now it's something I choose for extra exercise. I've got just under 5 km to work, and it's pretty flat (again, I'm in Western Jutland), so it's quite managable, I just need to get used to it and plan accordingly. (It takes longer).
And the library is great! It's just been through a total renovation over the last three years, and we still get so many positive comments from the patrons. And I got to experience Fantasy Festival from the inside this time, which was also an experience. Of course, I saw less of it being at work, but I don't mind. I still got some new stuff bought and managed a few talks. ;)

Important information: I'm an aunt again! My little sis got a baby in the middle of August, and I'm so happy on her behalf. :D I know it's not always easy and that there's things they struggle with, but my mom is helping out and supporting them.
My own aunt (my dad's youngest sister) suggested I should 'think about having a baby' back in spring, saying it would be so nice with three generations in the house. (That was when I was jobless and living with my mom). Yeah, I told her you didn't get pregnant from thinking about it. And my mom agreed that wasn't the best of ideas, so we're in agreement there. Family is weird sometimes.
But I've discovered I've now passed an invisible line, where I'm now of the age where people start to assume I don't want kids, because I don't have any. Apparently 32/33 is the magic age where things turn upside down on that front. I'd never have guessed.
Anyway, I've got a two nieces and three nephews now, and it's fun to see how they grow and develop as persons. My oldest nephew still treats me as his favorite aunt (not complaining here!) and asked when he would see me next after our family theater trip in October. He was sad when I said I wasn't sure it would be before Christmas, unless we went to see (great-)grandma as a family for her birthday. (And yes, we do. Got to remember to bring the books I got for the kids then).
Being a responsible aunt and librarian I've also made sure my little sis got some suitable reading material for the first few years. Bought a few from new (expensive!), but mostly got them from the pile of give-away summer books at the library, which consisted of books weeded from the collection for different reasons, but still with their pages (mostly) in place and readable. And of course, I cleaned them before giving them to her.

What else? Well, I got a new hobby! Because I really needed yet another hobby. *roll eyes* But it's fun! I've started training with German longswords once a week, and since I've been there for a month I should probably actually sign up for the club. ;) So on a good week I've got two times taekwondo and one time German longsword. They do train twice a week, but the other day coincides with taekwondo.
I honestly don't have the time for the hobbies I've got; I also have to actually plan my reading time so I can get the books for the reading circle read, not to mention those I pick out myself. And I have a hard time finding the time for costuming and writing these days. But this is all temporary; my current work place has been told to slim down the expenses, so there's so change of getting permanent employment here. So, I'll just enjoy my new hobbies while I'm here, then probably go back to my old ones once I leave.

There's probably much I haven't mentioned, but I think those where the most important stuff. I've probably rambled a bit, but I'm tired, so I hope you'll forgive me.

Zeetha very happy

Going to Celebration Europe II!!!

Wee!!! :D Yeah, I'm about to go to work, so don't have time for writing, but just needed to say that to loud. ;D

Maybe soon I'll write a proper update about all the stuff happening. So far I'm officially homeless and taking over my new apartment in just three weeks time. :D Now work!

*skips off excited for the fun stuff over the next days*

Zeetha Ashtara dance

Third time's the charm

At least that's what they say. And I hope they're right, because I have my third job interview next wednesday. :D
Please keep your fingers crossed for me; I'd love to get this job and get some work experience.

In other news I also looked at the possibility of getting Linux Mint on my new computer. I'll need to buy a DVD/CD to burn it to, then get rid of Windows, and install 'Nadia' instead. (Nadia is the codename for Mint 14 with the Cinnamon desktop, which is what I'm going for). I'm hoping to get this done tomorrow so I can start installing and moving stuff to my new computer. :)

Night people!
Zeetha Ashtara dance

The wonders of vaccines

Yeah, I got my last HPV vaccine today, so now I have a sore arm muscle. Not something surprising since that is the same reaction I had the other two times, so just waiting for it to subside again.

I also need to update another vaccine (I needed to do that five years ago, but that's besides the point), but since that will also leave me with sore muscles I'm not looking forward to it. And I have to find out what it costs. Depending on where I get it the price may differ, so I have to look into that first.

Besides my sore muscle I'm doing fine. Still have the sniffles, but I'm hoping it will go soon. Time for bed now. Sleep tight.
Zeetha Ashtara dance


So I'm having my first job interview tomorrow as a librarian. :) Please cross your fingers for me. I'm more nervous than I have ever been before a job interview, but then this is the first time it is about me as an educated person, not just random help. If I get it I start next month and will move to the other end of the country. :P Should be interesting.

Now I must sleep, because I need to get up far too early for my tastes to take the train down there. Almost five hours in transportation time. Meh.
Zeetha Ashtara dance

What now?

Well, I had my final exam yesterday and am now officially Cand. Scient. Bibl. (Bibl. is the short version of librarianship in Danish).
Five years and three months. Wow. It's quite some time I've spent up here in this town going through my classes, learning new things and meeting new people. It feels kinda strange finally being done. Now I have to start looking for work, but my mind haven't quite caught up with that realisation yet. I'll look into that monday, I think.
For now I'll just relax a little and enjoy not having a constant pressure on my mind. Ah, the sweet freedom of not studying anymore.
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