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Longhair and sensitivity

I saw this on a friend's fb page and thought you might find it interesting. :)


The study was done on men, but I have a feeling the same is true for women. I certainly find it a fascinating concept. Guess I'm going to braid my antennae later. ;)

Going to Celebration Europe II!!!

Wee!!! :D Yeah, I'm about to go to work, so don't have time for writing, but just needed to say that to loud. ;D

Maybe soon I'll write a proper update about all the stuff happening. So far I'm officially homeless and taking over my new apartment in just three weeks time. :D Now work!

*skips off excited for the fun stuff over the next days*


SWW in Legoland

Legoland WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

(See, I'm not dead, just busy). ;)

Third time's the charm

At least that's what they say. And I hope they're right, because I have my third job interview next wednesday. :D
Please keep your fingers crossed for me; I'd love to get this job and get some work experience.

In other news I also looked at the possibility of getting Linux Mint on my new computer. I'll need to buy a DVD/CD to burn it to, then get rid of Windows, and install 'Nadia' instead. (Nadia is the codename for Mint 14 with the Cinnamon desktop, which is what I'm going for). I'm hoping to get this done tomorrow so I can start installing and moving stuff to my new computer. :)

Night people!

The wonders of vaccines

Yeah, I got my last HPV vaccine today, so now I have a sore arm muscle. Not something surprising since that is the same reaction I had the other two times, so just waiting for it to subside again.

I also need to update another vaccine (I needed to do that five years ago, but that's besides the point), but since that will also leave me with sore muscles I'm not looking forward to it. And I have to find out what it costs. Depending on where I get it the price may differ, so I have to look into that first.

Besides my sore muscle I'm doing fine. Still have the sniffles, but I'm hoping it will go soon. Time for bed now. Sleep tight.



So I'm having my first job interview tomorrow as a librarian. :) Please cross your fingers for me. I'm more nervous than I have ever been before a job interview, but then this is the first time it is about me as an educated person, not just random help. If I get it I start next month and will move to the other end of the country. :P Should be interesting.

Now I must sleep, because I need to get up far too early for my tastes to take the train down there. Almost five hours in transportation time. Meh.


Merry Christmas everyone! :D

And now it's time for me to get myself ready for guests and church. ;) Just hope I can keep this cold down until Christmas is over.


What now?

Well, I had my final exam yesterday and am now officially Cand. Scient. Bibl. (Bibl. is the short version of librarianship in Danish).
Five years and three months. Wow. It's quite some time I've spent up here in this town going through my classes, learning new things and meeting new people. It feels kinda strange finally being done. Now I have to start looking for work, but my mind haven't quite caught up with that realisation yet. I'll look into that monday, I think.
For now I'll just relax a little and enjoy not having a constant pressure on my mind. Ah, the sweet freedom of not studying anymore.


It's away!

And I'm out of here! ;D

See ya later, thesis!


Holy Sith! Disney bought Lucasfilm!

... o_O

I don't even know what to say! I'm struck speechless. But Episode VII in 2015? I don't believe it.

Well, this should certainly be interesting given that Disney doesn't have the best relationship with the costumed Star Wars fans... Thread carefully, Disney. It's not wise to upset the fans.


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